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Relaxed Prairie Lizard

It was funny seeing this Prairie Lizard with its back legs stretched out soaking up the morning sun. It couldn’t care less that I was around pointing a camera at it. It even dozed off a few times and I had to wait for it to open its eyes to get the photo I wanted. The Lizards are… Read More »

Green Anoles Are Becoming More Active

The warm weather has the Green Anoles active here in Arkansas. The past couple of days I have seen a total of five in one area of my yard. These lizards are great for photographing when they get this active. They allow you to get close most of the time if you are careful in your approach. I… Read More »

Prairie Lizard Peeking From Behind Board

This is the same Prairie Lizard I posted about a couple of days ago (Prairie Lizard From Above). I have several of these lizards that like to hang around my deck at my cabin near the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas. I saw a second one just below this one but closer to the ground. How I… Read More »

Prairie Lizard From Above

This Prairie Lizard was on one of my steps on my deck at my cabin here in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. I posted a photo yesterday of one that I photographed on a wood pile on this same property (Prairie Lizard And Spider). I spend a lot of time photographing the different types of Lizards I have… Read More »

Prairie Lizard And Spider

Look close and you can see a spider on the back of this Prairie Lizard that I photographed here in Arkansas. The spider was crawling all over this lizard and the lizard didn’t pay it any attention. Prairie Lizards do eat spiders but It was busy watching me. How I Got The Shot – Prairie Lizard I have… Read More »