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Green June Bug In March

I’m surprised to find this Green June Bug on the 26th of March here in Arkansas. I didn’t think they showed up until June. I read that this insect overwinters as mature larva in the soil. They feed and finish maturing in the spring and pupate in a cell in the soil. A few beetles may emerge in… Read More »

Empty Polyphemus Moth Cocoon

This photo is of a Polyphemus Moth Cocoon that I found on the forest floor while hiking. I see these often here in the Ouachita National Forest of Arkansas. I didn’t know what these were until I posted a photo of one on Facebook. Thanks to Bill Yox for educating me on what type of Moth creates these… Read More »

Praying Mantis Egg Case

I spotted this Praying Mantis Egg Case on a tree limb while hiking in the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas. I see lots of these and have always wanted to watch them hatch. I have one on a gate to my property that I plan on watching. Eggs are encased in a frothy material produced by the… Read More »

Walking Stick Insect On My Deck

Walking Stick Insects have been showing up on my deck starting in early fall. I see lots of these insects here in the Ouachita National Forest of Arkansas. Something I read is that Walking Stick Insect eggs resemble seeds scattered about the forest floor. I have swept tiny seed like things from my deck and now I am… Read More »