Great Blue Heron Eating Gar

I parked on the Sally Jones West Causeway at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma to photograph this Great Blue Heron. It was cool see it catch the Gar. It took three tries to swallow it. It had the Gar in position the first two times but then it would change its mind. I think the reason… Read More »

Eastern Kingbird Regurgitating Pellet

I photographed this Eastern Kingbird just as it was regurgitating a pellet. You can see in my first photo that the bird is looking down as it regurgitates. The second photo it looks straight at the camera. You can then see the pellet in its throat. Over the years I have photographed lots of birds regurgitating pellets but… Read More »

Raccoon In A Mulberry Tree

I have a certain Mulberry Tree that I visit every year at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. It is a great tree for photographing all kinds of different birds eating the mulberries. There are several of these trees in the refuge but this one has the best early morning light, and it seems to draw more… Read More »

Carolina Chickadee Fledgling

I had a pair of Carolina Chickadees nest in one of my nest boxes this spring. This birdhouse is near my driveway and when I drove by I noticed this Carolina Chickadee fledgling looking out. I parked and got this photo. I can see this birdhouse from inside my house and I knew this fledgling would leave the… Read More »

Raccoon With Tongue Out

Was this Raccoon sticking its tongue out because it knew I was taking its photograph? Actually, it was eating a carp. I wished I had seen this Raccoon catching the Carp because the fish was large. How I Got The Shot – Raccoon With Tongue Out This Raccoon was eating the Carp on the side of the auto… Read More »