License My Images

Welcome to my image licensing page! I’m Steve Creek, a wildlife photographer based in Arkansas. I’ve been fortunate to capture stunning photos of animals in their natural habitats here in the United States. Now, I’m excited to offer licenses for these images so that others can enjoy and be inspired by the natural world.

My portfolio includes a wide variety of American wildlife imagery, from intimate portraits of individual animals to expansive landscape shots teeming with life. I have an extensive collection of photos featuring bison, moose, deer, and more against backdrops ranging from open plains to dense forests.

These visually striking photographs are perfect for publishers, advertisers, design professionals, nonprofits, educators, and more. Prints are available in custom sizes to suit your needs. I can also provide high-resolution digital files.

Licensing fees are determined based on the size of the audience and how the image will be used (editorial, commercial, etc.). Please contact me to discuss rates for your specific project. Discounts may be available for certain nonprofit uses.

I hope you find the perfect shot for your needs! Please explore my website and get in touch if you see something you like. I’m always open to requests as well if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Let’s collaborate to showcase the wonder of America’s natural world.

Black-tailed Prairie Dog Family

Black-tailed Prairie Dog Family