Steve Creek, a passionate wildlife photographer based in the picturesque landscapes of Arkansas, stands as a testament to the enchanting beauty of nature. His exceptional skills in the art of photography are showcased through a diverse array of subjects, including birds, deer, foxes, raccoons, and various other captivating species.

Steve Creek and the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge New Sign
Steve Creek and the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge New Sign – Photo By Mia McPherson

A Photographer with a Purpose

What distinguishes Steve Creek is not just his ability to capture stunning images but his commitment to storytelling through photography. He invests considerable time observing and studying his subjects, patiently waiting for the opportune moment to unveil something novel and intriguing about their behavior or environment.

Advocate for Wildlife Conservation

Beyond the lens, Steve Creek emerges as a fervent advocate for wildlife conservation. Firm in his belief that photography can be a powerful tool for raising awareness, his blog serves as a platform to share behind-the-scenes stories and technical insights. Through his lens, he highlights the diverse wildlife found across the United States, emphasizing the importance of preserving our natural resources.

Unveiling Nature’s Wonders

For nature lovers and photography enthusiasts alike, Steve Creek’s blog is a visual journey through the intricate wonders of the natural world. His captivating photography not only captures the beauty of various species but also serves as a poignant reminder of the need to protect our planet’s precious resources.

Behind the Lens: The Man and His Mission

Delve into the world of Steve Creek by visiting his Blog, where you can learn more about the man behind the lens. His dedication to wildlife photography has garnered recognition, with his work being featured in esteemed publications, including National Geographic.

In conclusion, Steve Creek stands as a talented and dedicated wildlife photographer, making significant contributions to the field. His images encapsulate the beauty and complexity of the natural world, urging us all to play a role in preserving the Earth’s invaluable resources. Embark on this visual journey and discover the enchanting narratives woven through the lens of a true wildlife aficionado.

Louisiana Wildlife Insider Magazine
Louisiana Wildlife Insider Magazine

My work has been published in various media outlets:

My first photo I had published (Opossum) was back in 2008 by the Smithsonian Channel (Episode 3: “Nature’s Vault”).

I have a photo of a female Red-winged Blackbird feeding her young published each year in the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries published my photo of a Swamp Rabbit (Louisiana Wildlife Insider).

Arkansas Democrat Gazette interviewed me in reference to Spittlebugs. Bubble, bubble: Toll, but no real trouble

I had a photo of my brother and his dog published by Arkansas Living Magazine: Can pets make you healthier? Health professionals and pet lovers discuss the benefits of a life with our animal friends.

A Bluebird photo of mine is being displayed on an interpretive sign at Mine Kill State Park (New York State) for the Bluebird Trail.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology used my photo of a Great Blue Heron in the Backyard Birds and Blossoms coloring book.

Interview – Radio Station – KXMX (Oklahoma)Wildlife Photographer Finds Treasure at Wildlife Refuge.

National Wildlife FederationBackyard Wildlife Color of the Week: BLUE

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my work, and I hope that my photos will encourage you to cherish the wildlife and natural wonders around us.