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Photographing Lizards In February

I started seeing Lizards about the third week of February here in the Ouachitas of Arkansas. Photographing Lizards in February are different for me since this is usually a very cold month. It has been very warm and I have seen flowers and trees blooming with lots of insects showing up including Butterflies. Having record breaking warm weather… Read More »


Just a few lizards I have been seeing this summer. Some lizards have an affinity for humans, but many are suspicious or skittish around humans. Lizards that bite humans are very rare. Lizards are predominantly insectivorous, but some eat fruit, or vegetables.

Two Lizards Came For A Visit

Sight is quite important for most lizards, both for locating prey and for communication, and as such, many lizards have highly acute color vision. Update: Juan A. Pons let me know that these lizards are called Fence Lizards. Here is a awesome photo that he took of one: Fence Lizard