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Robber Fly Turned For Camera

I have a county road I walk near my place in the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas. I see lots of Robber Flies (Asilidae) perched on the rocks that cover the road. They allow me to get close with my camera. They primarily feed on other insects and normally wait in ambush and capture their prey in… Read More »

Dragonfly On Dew Covered Leaf

When I first arrive at a place to photograph wildlife I usually concentrate on the larger animals. When these animals are no longer active, I will photograph insects or spiders or whatever is active. This means that the locations I frequent will always have something for me to photograph. This Dragonfly is a good example. This day I… Read More »

Male Widow Skimmer Dragonfly

I photographed this male Widow Skimmer Dragonfly on one of my walks near the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas. I’m not good with identifying Dragonflies, so I hope I got this one correct. Theses are large Dragonflies that are common in this area. Widow Skimmer Facts The Widow Skimmer male is territorial, like most other dragonflies, and… Read More »

Eastern Tent Caterpillars

I see a lot of the Eastern Tent Caterpillars while hiking the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas during the spring. The Eastern Tent Caterpillar is of some importance as a pest because it defoliates ornamental trees. Damaged trees, however, typically recover and refoliate within several weeks. How I Got The Shot I was hand holding a Fujifilm… Read More »