Patterning Whitetail Bucks | Insights for Wildlife Photographers

A Buck's Sunrise Crossing

Learn about Whitetail Buck behavior patterns and how to increase your chances of observing and photographing them crossing bodies of water.

Hibernation Habits of Five-lined Skinks

Log Hideaway Curious Five-lined Skink Emerging

Explore the hibernation habits of Five-lined Skinks and learn how to photograph them before and after their winter slumber.

Green Tree Frogs – Are They Safe to Touch?

Admire from Afar: Green Tree Frog

Discover the allure of green tree frogs in this wildlife photography blog post. Learn about their delicate nature and why touching them should be avoided.

Photographing Wildlife in the Heat

An Icy Treat for an American Crow

Get tips for photographing wildlife during extreme heat waves. Learn how to beat the heat and still capture amazing animal shots.