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Double-crested Cormorant Swallowing Shad

I photographed this Double-crested Cormorant swallowing a shad at Robert S. Kerr Reservoir (Kerr Dam) near Sallisaw, Oklahoma. These birds are difficult to photograph swallowing fish. As soon as they pop up with the fish after diving they gulp it down fast. They do this because the Gulls are flying above them ready to still it from them.… Read More »

Bald Eagle Making A Turn

This Bald Eagle was making a turn over Charleston Lake in Charleston, Arkansas. I took this photo back in January 2014. This was a great year for seeing and photographing Bald Eagles on this lake. They were diving for large shad. I counted over 10 Eagles on this day. How I Got The Shot – Bald Eagle Making… Read More »

Bald Eagle Standing On Floating Log

I parked near the Tuff Boat Ramp watching a Bald Eagle perched in a large cottonwood tree. This was at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. The Bald Eagle flew down from the tree after something in or on the water. I didn’t see it catch anything but it must have been near a log that was… Read More »

American Robin In January

The American Robin are around my area all year-long. I photographed this one at the Fort Smith National Historic Site here in Arkansas. I have seen large flocks of these birds the past few weeks while hiking the Ouachita National Forest. How I Got The Shot – American Robin In January When I come back from photographing at… Read More »

Ring-billed Gull Leaving Water With Shad

Photographing this Ring-billed Gull leaving the water with a shad was exciting and fast paced. It makes it worthwhile sitting on cold rocks and freezing my butt off. This was at Robert S. Kerr Reservoir (Kerr Dam) near Sallisaw, Oklahoma. How I Got The Shot – Ring-billed Gull Leaving Water With Shad I was hand holding a Canon… Read More »