Painted Bunting

The Painted Buntings are numerous at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. They are difficult for me to photograph because they like staying in the thick brush.

Painted Bunting
Painted Bunting

How I Got The Shot: Painted Bunting

This Painted Bunting was sitting in the middle of the road near the Dockery Slough. It flew up in a tree nearby, and I was able to open my pickup door to get this shot. I was hand-holding my camera and lens.

Gear Used:

  • Camera: Canon EOS R5                            
  • Lens: Canon EF 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II 


  • Location: Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge (Oklahoma)
  • Date and Time Taken: June 3, 2021 (08:04 A. M.)
  • Aperture: f8
  • Shutter speed: 1/2500
  • ISO: 1600 (Auto)
  • White Balance: Auto
  • Exposure Mode: Manual
  • Metering Mode: Evaluative
  • Back-button Focus
  • Continuous Auto Focus
  • Exposure Compensation: 0
  • Focal Length: 400 mm
  • Processed With Luminar 4

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