North American River Otter Eating Crayfish

As a wildlife photographer, I’m always on the lookout for special moments that show the beauty of nature. Recently, I had an amazing experience at Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. While exploring the Upper Scarborough area, I came across a North American River Otter eating a crayfish. It was a unique sight that I wanted to capture with my camera.

Otter Eating Crayfish
Otter Eating Crayfish

The Encounter:
On July 22, 2022, at 8:01 A.M., I found myself in the tranquil Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge. As I explored the Upper Scarborough area, I stayed alert for any special wildlife moments. Suddenly, I spotted an Otter in the water. Its shiny fur reflected the morning sunlight beautifully. The Otter was eating a crayfish, and I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the scene.

Otter Eating Crayfish In The Water
Otter Eating Crayfish In The Water

The Otter’s Meal:
I watched from a distance, trying not to disturb the Otter. I could see the Otter’s determination and satisfaction as it enjoyed its meal. It reminded me of the circle of life in nature, where animals have to hunt and eat to survive. With my camera, I captured these special moments, preserving the Otter’s struggle and the beauty of its meal.

The Photos:
The resulting photos from this unforgettable encounter truly capture the otter’s beauty and the magic of its natural home. Each picture tells a story, freezing a moment in time and helping viewers connect with the wonders of the animal world.

Camera Settings:
To take the best photos of the otter and its meal, I adjusted my camera settings. I held my Canon EOS R5 and used the RF 100-500 mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM lens. I chose Aperture Priority mode, which let me control how much of the photo was in focus. I set the aperture to f8 to have a clear subject and a nice blurry background. To freeze the action and capture the otter’s quick movements, I used a fast shutter speed of 1/2500. Since it wasn’t too bright, I set the ISO to 2000 to balance the quality and noise. I also adjusted the exposure compensation slightly to -1/3 to make the photo look better. With a focal length of 500mm, I could get a close-up shot of the otter and its surroundings.

Coming across the Otter eating a crayfish at Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge was an incredible experience. It reminded me of how delicate and interconnected nature is. Through my photos, I hope to inspire others to appreciate and protect these precious moments and the habitats they come from. Let’s cherish the amazing wonders of nature and work together to preserve them.