Adventures with Rosie

When people think of wildlife photography, they might imagine rugged landscapes, powerful telephoto lenses, and skilled photographers waiting patiently for the perfect shot. But what if I told you that my secret weapon for capturing the beauty of the natural world is a small, furry, four-legged companion named Rosie?

Rosie With Camera
Rosie With Camera (AI Generated)

Rosie is my Yorkie, and she has been going on my wildlife photography adventures with me for over 16 years. Most of the time, she snoozes in the back of my pickup truck, a cozy bed and a bowl of water at the ready. But occasionally, when I’m shooting a video, you can hear her snoring in the background.

I’ve often wondered how Rosie would fare as a wildlife photographer herself, if only she had opposable thumbs and an understanding of camera settings. But even without those advantages, I think Rosie brings something special to my photography expeditions.

For one thing, she helps me stay grounded. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of tracking down a rare bird or waiting for a deer to emerge from the woods. But when I glance over at Rosie, calmly snoozing in the truck, it reminds me to slow down and appreciate the moment.

Rosie also brings a unique perspective to my photos and videos. Sometimes, I’ll hold my camera down low and shoot from her eye level, capturing a different angle on the scene. And even when she’s not in the shot herself, I think having her presence in the frame adds a touch of warmth and humor to my work.

Of course, Rosie’s contributions to my wildlife photography are mostly intangible. She can’t operate a camera or help me carry equipment. But her presence reminds me that there’s more to these adventures than just the pursuit of the perfect shot. It’s about being present in nature, soaking up its beauty, and sharing those moments with those we love.

So if you see a photo or video of mine that features a snoozing Yorkie in the background, know that she’s not just a cute accessory. She’s a reminder of the joy and companionship that can be found in even the most challenging and awe-inspiring environments.

And who knows? Maybe one day, Rosie will wake up from her nap, pick up a camera in her mouth, and surprise us all with her own unique take on the wildlife around us. But even if she doesn’t, I know that she’ll continue to be an indispensable part of my photography adventures, adding a touch of canine charm to every shot.

4 thoughts on “Adventures with Rosie”

  1. I understand completely how you feel about Rosie..Our little Yorkie, Diesel loved traveling in our motorhome. He is a great companion for us still. He will be 11 this July.
    He does sleep alot… and snores.

  2. She definitely adds charm to your photos, best companion and friend you’ll ever have. Keep up the good work, Rosie.

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