I spotted this Robber Fly with a Grasshopper on an Arkansas Country Road I like to walk near my place in the Ouachita Mountains.

Robber Flies, also known as Assassin Flies, are a group of predatory insects found all over the world. They are known for their aggressive hunting behavior and for feeding on other insects

Robber Fly With Grasshopper
Robber Fly With Grasshopper
Assassin Fly With A Grasshopper
Robber Fly With A Grasshopper

The Robber Fly will perch on a nearby leaf or stem and patiently wait for a grasshopper to come within range. When a grasshopper lands nearby, the robber fly quickly takes off, using its powerful wings to close the gap between itself and its prey.

Once it reaches the grasshopper, the robber fly uses its front legs to grab onto its victim, holding it tightly while it feeds. The robber fly has a long, needle-like proboscis that it uses to pierce the grasshopper’s exoskeleton and extract its body fluids. This feeding process can take several minutes, after which the Robber Fly will release the grasshopper and fly off in search of its next meal.

Gear Used:

  • Camera: Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  • Lens: Canon EF 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS II USM


I got low while hand-holding my camera.

  • Location: Near the Ouachita National Forest (Arkansas)
  • Date & Time Taken: August 26, 2016 (12:27:16 P.M.)
  • Aperture Priority
  • Aperture: f8.0
  • Shutter speed: 1/1250 sec. (as determined by the camera)
  • ISO: 640
  • Metering Mode: Evaluative
  • Exposure Compensation: -1/3 EV
  • Back-button Focus
  • Single Point Focus
  • Focal Length: 400 mm
  • Processed With Luminar 4

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