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Dog-Day Cicada

I spotted a Cicada walking across my lawn so I went and picked it up and put it in a tree so that I could make a few photos of it. It never did try to fly and didn’t appear injured. I think this is a Dog-day Cicada (sometimes called the annual cicadas or locusts). They appear in… Read More »

My Video Of A Cicada Molting

I have checked the trees in my area for a couple of weeks hoping to find a Cicada that just came out of the ground and that had not shed its skin yet. This past weekend I finally got lucky and found one to photograph and video. The problem was that this one decided to arrive late in… Read More »

Small Cicada

I spotted this Cicada on a blade of grass while on one of my hikes. I would guess that it was less than an inch long. I did a little research and I think it maybe called Beameria Venosa which is North America’s smallest cicada.