Sometimes I like staying home and photographing the wildlife in my yard here in Arkansas. I have lots of different birds and several Rabbits and Squirrels.

This Northern Mockingbird came into my bird feeder and was keeping an eye out for other birds. They never eat anything from the feeder.

Northern Mockingbird Looking Up
Northern Mockingbird Looking Up

How I Got The Shot – Northern Mockingbird Looking Up

I had a Canon EOS 7D Camera with a Canon EF 500 mm f/4L IS lens attached. This is the old 7D because this photo was from back in 2012. I had this camera and lens on a tripod. I was also setup in a pop-up blind. This was at 08:57 in the morning.

Camera Settings

  • AV Mode
  • Back-button focus
  • Aperture f4.5
  • ISO 640
  • Shutter speed – 1/640 sec.
  • Auto White Balance
  • Single Point, Continuous Auto Focus
  • Multi Metering
  • Focal Length – 500 mm