The Bald Eagle’s Pooping Pose

Bird watching and wildlife photography often lead to unexpected and amusing encounters. In this captivating tale, I dive into a hilarious moment during a wildlife photography expedition at the breathtaking Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. Join me as I recount the story of witnessing the majestic Bald Eagle’s drying ritual, followed by an unexpected twist involving bird poop. Get ready for a journey filled with laughter, nature, and unexpected surprises!

Witnessing the Bald Eagle’s Drying Ritual

As a wildlife enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for unique moments to capture through my lens. On that eventful day, I was fortunate enough to observe and photograph the awe-inspiring Bald Eagle, showcasing its remarkable drying ritual. The moment was truly a sight to behold. (Witnessing the Bald Eagle’s Drying Ritual)

The Unexpected Twist

Just when I thought I had witnessed the peak of nature’s beauty and grace, an unexpected twist unfolded before my eyes. Within minutes of capturing the Bald Eagle’s drying ritual, a comical twist emerged. The eagle, still in its majestic glory, suddenly decided to relieve itself, giving us a hilarious and memorable moment.

Bald Eagle Pooping Pose
Bald Eagle Pooping Pose

A Comical Pose: Squatting to Poop

Nature has its way of surprising us, and this instance was no exception. The Bald Eagle, known for its regal presence and majestic flights, showcased a rather amusing behavior: squatting to poop. As photographers, we strive to capture all aspects of wildlife, even the moments that bring a smile to our faces. The photo I managed to capture perfectly illustrates the humorous pose of the eagle during this unexpected bodily function.

Capturing the Moment

My ability to capture this hilarious yet extraordinary moment was made possible by careful planning and a bit of luck. Positioned alongside the auto tour road, I had the advantage of observing the Bald Eagle’s activities from inside my pickup truck. This setup allowed me to remain inconspicuous while capturing this photograph.

In the world of wildlife photography, unexpected surprises can transform an already remarkable experience into an unforgettable adventure. Witnessing the Bald Eagle’s drying ritual and its comical twist involving bird poop was a testament to the wonders of nature and the joy it brings. The Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge provided the perfect stage for this captivating encounter, reminding us of the beauty and humor that can be found within the natural world. As I continue to explore and document nature’s wonders, I eagerly await the next enchanting and amusing moment that lies just around the corner.

Gear Used:

  • Camera: Canon EOS R7
  • Lens: Canon RF 800 mm F11


  • Location: Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge (Oklahoma)
  • Date and Time Taken: May 18, 2023 (08:53 A. M.)
  • Exposure Mode: Manual
  • Aperture: f11
  • Shutter speed: 1/2500
  • ISO: 2000 (Auto)
  • Exp. Comp.: 0
  • Focal Length: 800 mm