Sally Jones West Causeway

By | February 18, 2019

Today’s photo is in the area of the Sally Jones West Causeway at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.

This area is on the northwest section of the tour road, and I am facing north.

Sally Jones West Causeway
This is the Sally Jones West Causeway at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.

I have seen lots of birds in this area over the years. I had a photo published by National Geographic that I took in this area. It was of a Red-winged Blackbird feeding her young. The nest was in the reeds, and I was able to park on the road and shoot from my pickup.

I also had a big scare in this same area that caused me to fall over and roll down this causeway. Several years ago I spotted a skunk walking toward me down the road, so I got out of my pickup to get an eye level shot. I was getting a lot of shots of the skunk walking toward me when I felt something touch my back. I looked to see what touched me I saw another skunk. I tried to jump up and get away before it could spray me but I lost my footing and rolled down the causeway. This caused both skunks to jump and raise their tails. Neither one sprayed so I got lucky. I am glad no one else was around to see this.

How I Got The Shot – Sally Jones West Causeway

I was using my Fujifilm X-T3 Mirrorless Digital Camera with a Fujifilm 18-55 mm Lens. I was shooting in aperture priority mode (AV) with a shutter speed of 1/450 of a second at f8 and the ISO at 160. White Balance was set on auto. I was using single point, single shot auto-focus with multi metering. I had the camera resting on a beanbag.

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