Empty Polyphemus Moth Cocoon

This photo is of a Polyphemus Moth Cocoon that I found on the forest floor while hiking. I see these often here in the Ouachita National Forest of Arkansas. I didn’t know what these were until I posted a photo of one on Facebook. Thanks to Bill Yox for educating me on what type of Moth creates these… Read More »

Great Blue Heron With Captured Fish

This is a Great Blue Heron I photographed last February with a captured fish. This was at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. How I Got The Shot – Great Blue Heron With Captured Fish I parked on the auto tour road west of the Ruff boat ramp. The Heron was on the south side of the… Read More »

Red Barn In Mount Ida

I spotted this Red Barn while driving on Hwy. 27 north bound in Mount Ida here in Arkansas. I liked the way the barn looked. You don’t see many red barns anymore. How I Got The Shot – Red Barn This barn was near the highway. I parked at the gate and used it to rest my camera… Read More »

American White Pelican Landing In Suds

I photographed this American White Pelican coming in for a splash landing at the Robert S. Kerr Lock and Dam in Oklahoma. You will notice suds in the water. This was up close to the Dam where the water’s released causing the suds. The water being released also causes the shad action which draws the birds to this… Read More »

Opossum Watching Me

This Opossum was digging in a pile of fertilizer that was in an old cornfield at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. I believe this is chicken litter that the farmers use for fertilizer because I can see white feathers mixed in. (Taken on February 12, 2014) He kept his eyes on me for a few seconds… Read More »