Older Whitetail Buck In Velvet

This looks like an older Whitetail Buck compared to the last Buck photos I posted mainly because of how his body looks and not because of his antlers. His antlers will grow all of its points (tines) by the end of this month (June). I would like to see this Buck again this fall because he will have… Read More »

Whitetail Bucks Are In Velvet

June is a marvelous time for photographing the Whitetail Bucks in velvet at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge. Toward, the end of May and throughout the month of June is when I do well photographing these Bucks. By the end of June the Bucks should have all the primary points on their racks. How I Got The Shot… Read More »

Adult Barred Owl

This is a parent of the young Barred Owl I posted a photo of yesterday with the Crayfish (Young Barred Owl With Crayfish). It kept watching the water below the tree looking for Crayfish. It never left this spot while I was photographing here for over an hour. How I Got The Shot – Adult Barred Owl I… Read More »