Young Bald Eagle

I was leaving the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge when I spotted this young Bald Eagle near the auto tour road. A vehicle was coming from the other direction and I had to get setup fast to get photos. I got lucky and the person driving the other vehicle stopped when he saw me photographing the Eagle. After I… Read More »

Photos From Grand Teton National Park

Here are a few photos I made (June 2017) while visiting the Grand Teton National Park. This was my third trip, and I wanted to make more landscape photos than I normally do. I did a lot of hiking near most of the lakes in the area so I packed light. I left my wildlife camera at camp… Read More »

Mule Deer Buck Growing Antlers

Back in June 2017, I was at the Grand Teton National Park photographing near Phelps Lake which is near Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve. I had a young boy get my attention. He wanted to let me know that a Mule Deer Buck was approaching me. I slowly turned and got a few close photos of this Mule Deer… Read More »

American Crow Fledgling

I had a pair of American Crows nesting in one of my trees this year. The adult Crows have been entertaining to watch. I have seen behavior that I wasn’t aware of. They would bring food to the birdbath and place it in the water or on the edge. They would get a drink and take the food… Read More »

North American Beaver Bathing

I photographed this North American Beaver bathing early one morning at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. Beavers often wash themselves by dipping their forelegs into the water and scrubbing their bodies. How I Got The Photo – Beaver Bathing I see this Beaver in a certain area on every visit to this refuge. Here is a… Read More »