Moving Turtles From Road

I’m still seeing Turtles in September crossing the roads here in my area. Some turtles seen crossing roads are in search of a better habitat, others are in search of food and others are males in search of mates. I help turtles cross the road, as long as I can stop at a place that won’t endanger me, my… Read More »

Spider Shooting Its Web

I was on a photo walk on my property near the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas when I spotted a Spider Shooting its web into the air. It was more like the Spider was spraying the web. The Spider did this several times. I read that Ground Spiders catch prey by shooting sticky silk to immobilize them.… Read More »

Juvenile Five-lined Skink On Log

I spotted this juvenile Five-lined Skink on this log while I was doing a photo walk near my place in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. The bright blue tail makes it easy to spot. After I took this photo the skink went into a crack in the log and disappeared from view. I posted a photo back on… Read More »

Young Water Moccasin

This young Water Moccasin was crossing one of the service roads at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. These roads are off-limits to visitors to drive on but you can walk them in the areas that are open to the public. I drive the auto tour road when I first arrive at this refuge. After I drive… Read More »

Rough Green Snake With Dark Spot

I photographed this Rough Green Snake while it was crossing a Ouachita National Forest Road here in Arkansas. I noticed that this snake had a dark spot on the side of its head. I have never seen this before, so I did some research. I read that when they die their typical bright green color fades to a… Read More »