Land Snail Sliding Across Tree Limb

I found this Land Snail sliding across my deck, so I carefully moved it to a nearby tree limb. To my surprise, this snail preferred to slide upside down, making for a captivating photo.

Land Snail Sliding Across Limb
Land Snail Sliding Across Limb

Land Snails are a common sight in my area, located near the Ouachita National Forest. These fascinating creatures feed on decaying plant matter and lay their eggs in the soil. The abundance of decaying logs and leaves in the area provides a perfect habitat for these slow-moving creatures.

How I Captured The Shot

I was hand-holding a Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera, equipped with a Canon EF 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II lens.

Camera Settings

  • AV Mode
  • Aperture: f10
  • ISO: 800
  • Shutter speed: 1/200 sec.
  • Focal Length: 400 mm

Land Snails are an interesting and important part of the ecosystem in Arkansas. There are several species of Land Snails found in the state, each with its own unique characteristics and behaviors. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a curious nature enthusiast, exploring the world of land snails is sure to be a fascinating and rewarding experience.

Here are some of the common land snail species found in Arkansas:

  1. Polygyra Barberi – Flat-coiled snail
  2. Helisoma Trivolvis – Yellow Pond snail
  3. Gastrocopta armifera – Armiger Snaggletooth snail
  4. Triodopsis fallax – False Triodopsis snail
  5. Allogona ptychophora – Ptychophora snail
  6. Succinea Indiana – Indiana Ambersnail
  7. Punctum minutissimum – Minute Dot snail

It’s worth noting that common names for snails can vary depending on region and local usage, and these names may not be universally recognized.