0 thoughts on “Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

  1. Dan O. De Ment

    Steve: Great images! Oklahoma has some really neat terrain. I hope the bison doesn’t live alone? Again, good work! Dan

  2. Annette Rowe

    Enjoyed the pictures! Looks like a neat place to visit! Thanks for sharing.

  3. judi

    What a great area we live in, so many beautiful places within 300 miles of home. Put this on my bucket list map of places to visit, beautiful & serene. Did you see much wildlife besides buffalo? Look forward to more photos. Welcome home!

  4. Yvonne

    Love the pictures, especially the one with the oldl bridge, as you dont see those much anymore these days. I live in Oklahoma, there are many pretty places to see. You might check out the Albaster Caves one day. They are stunning to see, and its nice & cool in the caves on a hot summer day. Thanks Steve for sharing your pictures. I always forward to getting your newsletter with all those beautiful pictures. Have a great day!

  5. B. Kent

    Very nice, as always! Thanks again for letting folks know about NWRs.

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  7. Sandy Berger

    Great shots. It’s been at least 25 years since I’ve been there. Need to get back.

  8. Sara

    Where is the first picture on this page taken? It has 4/24/12 on top of it and the beautiful bridge in it. I love that shot and would love to visit that part of the mountains.