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Chipping Sparrow Perched On Limb

It is difficult to find a Chipping Sparrow perched on a limb to photograph since they like foraging on the ground around my place. These birds are small and when they are moving through the leaves on the ground, it is hard to get a good clear photo. This one showed up at one of my feeders and… Read More »

Baby Chipping Sparrows?

I am thinking these are baby Chipping Sparrows but I am not 100% sure. The nest is well hidden in one of my pine trees. I can’t get a good look at the Mom and I didn’t get a look at the eggs. This nest is in a cool place and is very well protected. It was built… Read More »

Day Four Of Birds In My Yard Week

These little Chipping Sparrows never seem to be afraid of me and allow me close photos. Chipping Sparrow Photos From Last Year: Chipping Sparrow Hitching A Ride Birds In My Yard Week (Day One) Birds In My Yard Week (Day Two) Birds In My Yard Week (Day Three) Birds In My Yard Week (Day Five) Birds In My… Read More »

A Bird Bathing

It is fascinating how birds really get into taking a bath. When birds bathe in water or saturate themselves with dust they are actively maintaining their plumage. In well-watered areas bathing is most common, in arid ones dusting is more often observed. In a typical sequence a bird stands in the water, fluffs the feathers to expose the… Read More »