A Large Cluster Of Baby Spiders

I came across this cluster of baby spiders while hiking the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas. It is a good thing I don’t have Arachnophobia because this would be scary for someone that does. These baby spiders were in a tighter group when I first spotted them. I accidentally touched one of the plants they were attached… Read More »

Male Eastern Bluebird Using Food To Attract Female

I think this Male Eastern Bluebird has resorted to using food to attract a female to the birdhouse. I shared a few photos a couple of days ago where he was using nesting material to attract her to the birdhouse (Male Eastern Bluebird Bringing Nest Material To Birdhouse). If you look at the last photo below, I’m thinking… Read More »

Male Eastern Bluebird Bringing Nest Material To Birdhouse

I was watching this male Eastern Bluebird bringing nest material to the birdhouse I have near my garden. He was taking it into the birdhouse and then bringing it back out. He is doing this to attract a female. This was all happening five days ago, so I will let you know how it turns out for him.… Read More »

Male Eastern Bluebird Perched On Rain Gauge

I was heading out for an early morning hike when I spotted a male Eastern Bluebird perched on my rain gauge near my garden. I have been hoping to see these birds for the past three years here on my property in the Arkansas Ouachitas. On my property at my main house I have been always able to… Read More »

Female Purple Finch Here In The Ouachitas Of Arkansas

Here is the female Purple Finch I mentioned a couple of days ago. I posted a photo of the male (Male Purple Finch Here In The Ouachitas) a couple of days ago if you want to check it out. The white line on the face above the eye seem to make it easier for me to tell these… Read More »