Land Snail Sliding Across Tree Limb

I found this Land Snail sliding across my deck so I moved it to a limb so that I could get this photo. Land Snails are very common here in my area. I photographed one last fall on a leaf (Colorful Fall Leaf With Land Snail). This one preferred to slide upside down on the limb. Land Snails… Read More »

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Arrived Here Last Week

A Ruby-throated Hummingbird arrived here at my place near the Ouachita National Forest last week. I was able to photograph the Hummingbird on a limb near my feeder. My place is deep in the woods so I don’t get good sunlight most of the time to photograph these birds. I try to photograph them in flight, but I… Read More »

Watersnake Moving Through The Grass

Yesterday I came across this Watersnake moving through the grass near a gate on my property. I believe it was moving from one small stream to another. These snakes like frogs and I have heard lots of them around these small streams. The stream it was coming from only has water when it rains and it had rained… Read More »

Male Brown-headed Cowbird Near My Bird Feeder

This male Brown-headed Cowbird started showing up at my bird feeder last week and is now a regular visitor. I haven’t seen a female yet. I actually heard this bird before I saw it. It has a very unique sound (Brown-headed Cowbird Call). The interesting thing about these birds are that they lay eggs in the nests of… Read More »

Female Wolf Spider Carrying Her Babies

I came across this female Wolf Spider carrying her babies across a road near my place here in Arkansas. I posted a photo of A Large Cluster Of Baby Spiders back on the 3rd of April and I mentioned how some spiders will carry their young. How lucky am I to now find one doing just that. When… Read More »