My Teardrop Camper

Inside My Teardrop Camper

The Front Inside Of My Teardrop Camper

Inside Of My Camper Showing The Air Cond. and Fan

Teardrop Camper Kitchen

Carson National Forest, New Mexico

A lot of people have asked about my little Teardrop Camper so I thought I would give everyone a quick tour. Over the years I have had several different types of travel trailers for camping but the Teardrop Camper is the one that works the best for my type of camping.

I bought my first Teardrop Camper back in 2003 from Camp-Inn out of Wisconsin. It was a 4 foot by 8 foot trailer that I really enjoyed. The only downside of this little camper was that it got to hot to sleep in when the temperature here in Arkansas got up into the 90’s. After having this trailer for 10 years, I decided to get something different but with an air conditioner.

I still wanted something small so I bought a 13′ Casitia. This is a very nice trailer and I used it for a couple of years but it was just not rugged enough for me. It was difficult to get into some of the places I like to camp.

I discovered that Camp-Inn now makes a Teardrop with an air conditioner and a fantastic roof fan. They even make it in an SUV model which sets up higher. I decided it was time to go back to a Teardrop Camper so I order one.

My Trailer has:

A “Queen” sleeping area
Two doors (both sides)
Insulated roof
Fantastic Roof Fan
Air Conditioner
Stainless Sink
Propane stove
LP/City Water Hookup
8 gal Fresh & Gray Tanks
Propane tank
Battery w/auto charger
Leveling Jacks

  1. Great little rig, Steve. I enjoyed the “tour” you gave us of your camper that day on the island.

  2. Totally cool! How on earth do you keep it so nice and tidy? We have our beloved tent trailer, and it never looks so clean! 😉
    Looks like a perk coffee pot, too. Best smell in the mornings!
    At any rate, what a perfect way to travel!

  3. thanks for the peak inside! I have seen these folded down and always wondered how they are in use.

  4. Very Groovy! Love the “customized” touches you’ve added. How long can you run the AC without draining battery?

  5. Thanks for the info. Last year I bought a new Five Wide Little Guy and have yet to use it. I’ve added a lot of equiptment to it in the meantime. My wife is a school teacher and we plan to go from coast to coast this summer.
    One of the item I bought is a Yamaha generator (/EF2000iS). I think this is a better generator than the Honda. Now, I’m waiting for the CllimateRight – CR-2250 A/C to get posted on the Internet again. They might have a different model for this year.
    Happy camping.

  6. My mother-in-law boghut a tear drop trailer when she was 14! Her dad used to tow it to a campground near Banff and she & her friend used to camp by themselves for a week with their bikes to get to town. So much fun. Would never happen now. Anyway, she still owns it & we spent last summer camping out of it.

  7. Steve, I’ve been studying Camp-Inn trailers for some time. I live in Ok and am interested in AC as you were in Ar. Does it work well? or would the Fantastic roof fan work well enough. You said your heater (I assume propane) didn’t work one time–was it too cold and froze up or another problem? And is the propane heater with the camper safe? And finally, what size of Honda generator do you use (1,000 or 2,000 watts)? I really enjoy your blog. Thanks.