Snakes Are Active in the Fall

I have been seeing lots of snakes moving around this past few weeks. The snakes I have been seeing the most are Copperheads. I have seen three crossing the road near my place here in Arkansas. This is my favorite time to be out hiking the woods, but I have to be careful and watch for snakes. Copperheads… Read More »

Rarely Seen Four-toed Salamander In Arkansas

I spotted this Four-toed Salamander crossing the county road that ends at my property here in Arkansas. I had no idea what type of Salamander it was until I posted a photo over on Herps of Arkansas. I read that this Salamander is rarely seen, so I count myself lucky to be able to photograph one. I read… Read More »

Measuring A Walking Stick Insect In My Area

These Walking Stick Insects are numerous at my place here in the Ouachita National Forest (Arkansas). I thought I would give everyone an idea on how large these insects are. This one that I photographed next to a yardstick, is the average length of the ones I have here on my place. As you can see, the body… Read More »

Trying To Photograph A Greater Roadrunner

I have been trying to photograph a Greater Roadrunner that runs up and down a mile stretch of gravel road here in my area for almost three years now. I have even patterned this bird noticing that it would walk up my driveway about the same time each day. I tried hiding and waiting for this bird to… Read More »

Window Peeping Green Anole

I have been watching this window peeping Green Anole just about every day this past week. At my house I have a chair that is located near a window and I started noticing this Green Anole looking in. I’m sure it is just looking for insects that like to hang out on the window screen. It just looks… Read More »