Why Do Some Ants Cover Their Food?

I have always wondered why some ants will cover their food. I will see the ants placing small pebbles around and on the dead food. I have done some research on this and most say ants will bury their food when it is too large to carry. This gives them some protection from the elements and others who… Read More »

Rain Has Millipedes On The Move

It seems like it has rained everyday this month and I am beginning to notice Millipedes moving through the forest here in the Ouachitas. I read that they cannot tolerate water-saturated soil, which forces them to the surface and higher ground. I photographed this large Millipede as it was crossing my driveway heading into the woods. Here is… Read More »

My First Western Pygmy Rattlesnake

When I spotted this Western Pygmy Rattlesnake near my house I had no idea what type of snake it was. I could see that it had rattles at the end of its tail so I knew it was some type of Rattle Snake. It has been raining here in my part of Arkansas for 8 straight days and… Read More »

I Also Enjoy The Sounds Of Katydids

I made a post last week about how I enjoy the sounds of Cicadas in the summer (I Enjoy The Sound Of The Cicadas In The Summer). I also enjoy listening to the sounds of Katydids at night. It sounds like I have hundreds of them around my house here in the National Forest. In the heat of… Read More »

I Enjoy The Sound Of The Cicadas In The Summer

How many of you enjoy the sound of the Cicadas in late summer? I know some people can’t stand the buzzing sound that these insects make. I like sitting on my deck and listening to them. It brings back great memories of my brothers and I catching them. Back then we called them locust and most people did… Read More »