A Healthy Black Bear Behind My House

This healthy Black Bear passed through my property on the 26th of this month and was caught on one of my trail cameras. I have had four or five Bears this year around my place and I have yet to photograph one with my hand held camera. Last year I saw one in daylight while I was working… Read More »

Large Compound Eyes Of A Horsefly

I think the eyes of a Horsefly are cool looking. Its compound eyes are very colorful with stripe-like patterns. I read that the compound eyes possess a very large view angle, and can detect fast movement and, in some cases, the polarization of light. I guess with eyes like this and being fast and an able flier, is… Read More »

Garden Spider Top And Side View

The two Garden Spider photos below are of two different spiders. I have three Garden Spiders located, but only two I can photograph. These spiders are fun to photograph because they are large and most of the time they are in the open. The two that I am keeping an eye on, have not caught anything in their… Read More »

Grasshopper Laying Eggs

I spotted this Grasshopper laying eggs on a gravel road that I walk every day. I have seen lots of grasshoppers this time of year here in Arkansas. They are so numerous I even have them jumping on me when I am out walking. Grasshopper Facts Grasshoppers lay their eggs in pods in the ground near food plants,… Read More »

Braconid Wasp Cocoons On A Hornworm

Here is another photo of Braconid Wasp Cocoons On A Hornworm that I found on one of my tomato plants. I first posted a photo of one this past Wednesday. (Parasitic Wasp Cocoons On Hornworm) The light for that photo was not the best and I think the below photo is better with less background clutter. The Braconid… Read More »