Will Snow Geese Linger at Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge?

Many of us are wondering how much longer the Snow Geese will grace the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge here in Oklahoma with their presence this winter. The unseasonably warm temperatures, with some days reaching 70 degrees in early February, have certainly created an interesting situation.

Snow Goose Poised for Landing
Snow Goose Poised for Landing

This year, the refuge boasts an abundance of standing corn, which has proven to be a magnet for the geese. They’ve been flocking to these fields in large numbers for the past couple of weeks, enjoying the plentiful food source.

A Pair Of Snow Geese Landing In Cornfield
A Pair Of Snow Geese Landing In Cornfield

While their presence is always a delight, the typical departure of Snow Geese from the refuge is triggered by a combination of changing seasons and food availability. As winter transitions to spring, their natural instinct guides them to begin their migration northwards to their breeding grounds in the vast tundra regions of Canada and Alaska. This journey is fueled by the search for suitable nesting sites and abundant food resources for raising their young.

However, the unusual warmth and plentiful food supply this year could potentially lead to a prolonged stay for some geese. It’s possible that they might delay their departure slightly, enjoying the comfortable conditions and readily available food for a bit longer.

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