Swamp Rabbit Washing Face

Happy Easter!

I make a lot of photos of Swamp Rabbits since they live in my yard. I try to find them doing something different since I do spend so much time photographing them. I finally caught this Rabbit doing something besides eating.

I learned that when you see the same wildlife often, you should take advantage of this opportunity because nothing last forever. Being able to spend so much time with a Swamp Rabbit is a great opportunity that I take advantage of. I don’t get bored making so many photos of this animal. I dread the day it will be gone and I keep my fingers crossed that others will take its place.

Swamp Rabbit Washing Face
Swamp Rabbit Washing Face

How I Got The Shot – Swamp Rabbit Washing Face

I was sitting on the ground photographing something else when it came out of the woods to where I was sitting. I was hand-holding a Canon EOS 7D Mark II with a Canon EF 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II lens attached. It still surprises me that the Swamp Rabbits around here will allow me to get so close.

Camera Settings

  • AV Mode
  • Back-button focus
  • Aperture f7.1
  • ISO 800
  • Shutter speed – 1/500 sec.
  • Auto White Balance
  • Single Point, Continuous Auto Focus
  • Multi Metering
  • Focal Length – 300 mm