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Young Water Moccasin

This young Water Moccasin was crossing one of the service roads at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. These roads are off-limits to visitors to drive on but you can walk them in the areas that are open to the public. I drive the auto tour road when I first arrive at this refuge. After I drive… Read More »

Rough Green Snake With Dark Spot

I photographed this Rough Green Snake while it was crossing a Ouachita National Forest Road here in Arkansas. I noticed that this snake had a dark spot on the side of its head. I have never seen this before, so I did some research. I read that when they die their typical bright green color fades to a… Read More »

Northern Diamond-backed Watersnake On Log

I photographed this Northern Diamond-backed Watersnake on a log at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. The log is floating in the river and if you look close you can see a dragonfly on the log underneath the Watersnake. You can find these Northern Diamond-backed Watersnakes basking on logs and even branches hanging over the water at… Read More »

Cottonmouth In Tall Grass

This Cottonmouth (Water Moccasin) spotted me first while I was walking at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. I was on one of the service roads. Visitors can walk these roads but you can’t drive on them. This road had water on both sides and this snake was getting ready to cross the road until I showed… Read More »

Water Moccasin Crossing Asphalt Road

I was driving the asphalt section of the auto tour road at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma when I came upon a Water Moccasin (Cottonmouth). As soon as it saw my pickup it stopped and raised its head. I exited my pickup and took a few photos before it finally went on its way. The Water… Read More »