A Moody Landscape Photo from Cove Lake, Arkansas

Finding Beauty in the Storm

I recently traveled to central Arkansas hoping to capture stunning landscapes from atop Mt. Magazine, the state’s highest peak. However, the mountain was socked in with thick fog when I arrived. I enjoyed a warm breakfast at the lodge as I waited for visibility to improve, but the low clouds persisted.

Cove Lake
Cove Lake On A Cold Rainy Day Here In Arkansas

Not wanting to waste the day, I drove down the mountain to the Ozark National Forest below. At the base of Mt. Magazine lies the serene 160-acre Cove Lake. Though fog still lingered, I laced up my hiking boots and walked the trail surrounding this glistening body of water. Raindrops started falling as I reached a gorgeous overlook with trees framing the lake. I quickly set up my tripod and camera to capture the scene before me. Just as I went to snap a photo, a light rain began.

Despite the less-than-ideal conditions, I’m thrilled with the moody landscape image I captured. The dark stormy sky reflects beautifully on the water’s surface. Fog wraps around the trees on the far shore, concealing their bases like a ghostly cloak. Drops dot the lake, visual reminders of the drizzle that began just as I released the shutter.

Though the volatile weather wasn’t what I envisioned for my Arkansas adventure, it brought an evocative atmosphere to Cove Lake. This image is a testament to photography’s ability to uncover beauty in all conditions. Stormy days have a allure all their own if you know where to look. Sometimes we find the most inspiring scenes in our unplanned diversions from the expected path. I can’t wait to return to Mt. Magazine to see what enchanting landscapes I discover next time, rain or shine.


Cove Lake is located near Mount Magazine in Arkansas, which is the highest point in the state at 2,753 feet. The lake covers about 160 to 200 acres and was formed by an earth dam 784 feet long and 60 feet high. It provides a great summer getaway and offers outdoor recreational activities such as camping, hiking, and backpacking. The area also features nature trails, scenic vistas, and an amphitheater. The Cove Lake Trail, which is 9.7 miles long, offers both day hikes and backpacking opportunities. The lake’s spillway dam/bridge is 118 feet long and is located at the east end of the dam.