I traveled to Mt. Magazine here in Arkansas to photograph but when I arrived at the lodge low clouds were causing foggy conditions which reduced visibility. I could hardly see the Lodge because the fog was so thick. I decided to eat breakfast at the lodge and then drive off the mountain to Cove Lake.

Cove Lake is 160 acres and is at the bottom of Mt. Magazine on Hwy. 309. It is also in the Ozark National Forest.

The fog wasn’t to bad but rain had moved in. I decided to wait it out and then walk the trail around the lake. After about an hour the rain stopped and I got my gear and headed out on the trail. I came to a spot that I thought would make a great photo. I placed my camera on my tripod and when I was getting ready to take the photo it began raining. I got a couple of photos before packing my gear to head back to my pickup.

Raining At Cove Lake

Raining At Cove Lake

Cove Lake – Arkansas

More information about Cove Lake:

Cove Lake Recreation Area is one of the many natural attractions in Arkansas. It offers a variety of activities such as fishing, boating, swimming, and hiking. The area is located at the base of Mt. Magazine, the highest point in Arkansas. The lake covers an area of 160 acres and is part of the Ozark National Forest, which provides stunning natural scenery for visitors to enjoy.

Cove Lake Recreation Area has many facilities to offer visitors. There are 36 campsites available for overnight camping, and 24 family picnic areas with tables and grills. Additionally, visitors can rent boats to explore the lake or go fishing. For those who want to enjoy some leisure time, there is a miniature golf course on site. During the summer months, food service is also available from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

(Cove Lake)