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Swamp Rabbit Washing Face

Happy Easter! I make a lot of photos of Swamp Rabbits since they live in my yard. I try to find them doing something different since I do spend so much time photographing them. I finally caught this Rabbit doing something besides eating. I learned that when you see the same wildlife often, you should take advantage of this… Read More »

Swamp Rabbit With Tongue Out

I have a Swamp Rabbit that likes to feed in my yard each year. It is here year around but it comes out more during daylight hours when the temps warm up. I got lucky and photographed it with its tongue out. How I Got The Shot – Swamp Rabbit With Tongue Out I’m staying at my place… Read More »

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit In The Open

I am beginning to see the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit out in the open here in my area. I see them year around, but in the winter I only get glimpses of them. This Rabbit has appeared in the same area for the past several days. It allows me to get close and I have also been seeing another… Read More »

Swamp Rabbit With Deer Fly

I photographed this Swamp Rabbit with a Deer Fly on its nose near my cabin in the Ouachita Mountains here in Arkansas. These Deer Flies seem extra terrible this year for animals and humans. They lay eggs near water or dampness and it has been a wet year here in Arkansas so far. I had one trying to… Read More »