Early Spring Box Turtle

I photographed this Box Turtle on the 8th of this month (April). It was crossing the auto tour road at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. Three-toed box turtles are known to migrate seasonally. They like forested areas in early spring, summer, and late fall here in my area (Arkansas and East Oklahoma). How I Got The… Read More »

Swamp Rabbit Washing Face

Happy Easter! I make a lot of photos of Swamp Rabbits since they live in my yard. I try to find them doing something different since I do spend so much time photographing them. I finally caught this Rabbit doing something besides eating. I learned that when you see the same wildlife often, you should take advantage of this… Read More »

Snake Inside A Duck Nest Box

I was driving the auto tour road at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge when I spotted this snake inside a duck nest box. It looks like a Ratsnake. I’m sure the snake got inside the nest box from the tree that is behind the box. It looks like a storm pushed the tree over the box. This nesting… Read More »

Two Photos Used By The Louisiana Wildlife Insider

The Louisiana Wildlife Insider used two of my photos for an article in the Spring/Summer 2020 magazine. The article is in reference to “Anticipated Effects of the 2019 River Flooding on Louisiana’s Deer Part 1”. Here is another one of my photos of a Swamp Rabbit that they used for an article (Winter 2014) (Cottontails, Swamp Rabbits and… Read More »

Skink In Early Spring Here In Arkansas

I think this is a Southern Coal Skink I came across here in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. It could be an adult Five-lined Skink that has lost its three dorsal stripes but I’m still guessing that it’s the Southern Coal Skink. If I’m wrong please correct me by leaving a comment below. How I Got The Shot… Read More »