Doe Feeding In Cornfield

This Doe was in a cornfield eating the leaves off of the plants when I photographed it. This was at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. Most of the corn is over head high now. When I first started photographing deer in the cornfields years ago, I didn’t know that they would eat the leaves from the… Read More »

Great Blue Heron Swimming With A Crappie

I have been posting photos of Great Blue Heron catching fish and this time I am posting one of a Great Blue Heron Swimming With A Crappie. The fish are in a small pool of water but its deep so this Great Blue Heron went into the deep water to catch this Crappie. After it caught the fish,… Read More »

Fawns Growing Fast

Most of the Whitetail Fawns that I am now seeing are triple the weight that they were when they were first born. I have seen no twins yet at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge. How I Got The Photo I photographed this Doe and Fawn from my pickup. I had my camera and lens resting on a bean… Read More »