Mourning Dove Walking Through Pine Needles

Yesterday I posted a photo of a Northern Mockingbird Looking Up. Today’s photo is of a Mourning Dove that I also photographed in my yard here in Arkansas. These birds nest in my pines every year. How I Got The Shot – Mourning Dove Walking Under Pine Tree This bird was foraging on the ground near my bird feeder.… Read More »

Northern Mockingbird Looking Up

Sometimes I like staying home and photographing the wildlife in my yard here in Arkansas. I have lots of different birds and several Rabbits and Squirrels. This Northern Mockingbird came into my bird feeder and was keeping an eye out for other birds. They never eat anything from the feeder. How I Got The Shot – Northern Mockingbird… Read More »

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit In The Open

I am beginning to see the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit out in the open here in my area. I see them year around, but in the winter I only get glimpses of them. This Rabbit has appeared in the same area for the past several days. It allows me to get close and I have also been seeing another… Read More »

Green Anoles Are Becoming More Active

The warm weather has the Green Anoles active here in Arkansas. The past couple of days I have seen a total of five in one area of my yard. These lizards are great for photographing when they get this active. They allow you to get close most of the time if you are careful in your approach. I… Read More »

Empty Polyphemus Moth Cocoon

This photo is of a Polyphemus Moth Cocoon that I found on the forest floor while hiking. I see these often here in the Ouachita National Forest of Arkansas. I didn’t know what these were until I posted a photo of one on Facebook. Thanks to Bill Yox for educating me on what type of Moth creates these… Read More »