Eastern Amberwing Dragonfly

I spotted this tiny Eastern Amberwing Dragonfly while walking one of the service roads at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. These Dragonflies are the second smallest in the United States (only Elfin Skimmers are smaller). I believe this is a male because of the red on the edge of its amber wings. Here is a photo… Read More »

American Crow Eating Ice

I was camping at Mount Magazine State Park here in Arkansas (Sept. 2010) when the people camping next to me dumped some ice on the ground. This American Crow flew down and began eating one of the ice chips. How I Got The Photo – American Crow Eating Ice When I saw the Crow fly down, I got… Read More »

Snake With Cloudy Eyes

I could be wrong but I think this snake has shed its skin but the scales over the eyes did not come off. The reason I think this is that the snake’s skin isn’t dull. When a snake is ready to shed its skin becomes dull. When the scales over the eyes do not come off after shedding,… Read More »