Great Blue Heron Swimming With A Shad

I photographed this Great Blue Heron swimming with a Shad at the City Lake in Charleston, Arkansas. I mainly go to this lake in the winter to photograph the Bald Eagles that like to fish here. How I Got The Photo: Great Blue Heron Swimming With A Shad I was in the parking lot photographing… Read More »

Great Blue Heron Flying Over Charleston City Lake

I took this photo of a Great Blue Heron flying across Charleston City Lake here in Arkansas back in January 2014. I was at this lake photographing Bald Eagles and several Great Blue Heron were also hanging around. I was sitting in my pickup when this one flew across the lake in front of me.… Read More »

Red-bellied Woodpecker On Driftwood

I photographed this Red-bellied Woodpecker on driftwood near my bird feeder in my yard here in Arkansas. I found several sizes of driftwood on the banks of the Arkansas River near my home. I thought this wood would make a great perch to photograph birds on. How I Got The Photo: Red-bellied Woodpecker On Driftwood… Read More »