Fecal Sac Being Removed

This is a male Eastern Bluebird removing a fecal sac from the nest box. If I’m not mistaken, Eastern Bluebirds nestlings will point their posterior in the air to let the parents know that they produced a fecal sac and it needs removing. The parent bird will then remove and fly a long distance to discard it. A… Read More »

Eastern Bluebird Feeding Nestling

I photographed this female Eastern Bluebird getting ready to feed one of her young at a nest box in my yard. I’m not sure what mom has in her beak. It looks like a large ant or a wasp without wings. I wasn’t fast enough to photograph Mom placing the meal in its mouth. I am photographing these… Read More »

My Eastern Bluebird Photography Setup

I have a nest box that the Eastern Bluebirds like the most and it is at the end of my driveway. These birds are accustomed to seeing my pickup near this nest box and it doesn’t stop them from building a nest. I have two more bird houses but I want use this setup because I am afraid… Read More »

Eastern Bluebird With Caterpillar

I photographed this Eastern Bluebird with a Caterpillar in my yard here in Arkansas. I wrote a blog post on June 15th stating that I was thinking about replacing a nesting box that I have for the Bluebirds. I was also going to face it in a different direction. You can go to this post and read about… Read More »

Ouachita Map Turtle

I had to do research to figure out what type of Turtle this is I photographed at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. I believe it is a Ouachita Map Turtle. On each side of the head, there are three large blotches that distinguish Ouachita map turtles from all our other map turtles. One is behind the… Read More »