During one summer morning in 2017, I had an incredible encounter with a Northern Cardinal Fledgling resting on the edge of a bird bath in my backyard. I had emptied the bird bath to clean it when I noticed the fledgling perched on the edge with its parents and another fledgling nearby. It was a rare opportunity to capture the beauty of this young bird up close.

Northern Cardinal Fledgling

Northern Cardinal Fledgling

Northern Cardinal Fledglings have an endearing charm that makes them irresistible to nature lovers and photographers.

To capture this moment, I used a Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera and a Canon EF 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II lens. Operating in aperture priority mode, I set the shutter speed to 1/320 of a second and adjusted the aperture to f8, with the ISO at a moderate 1000. The steady hand allowed for a crisp and clear shot, capturing the beauty of the Northern Cardinal Fledgling.

Interestingly, Northern Cardinal Fledglings stay with their parents for a few weeks after hatching, as they learn the necessary survival skills. During this period, the parents feed the young birds insects and other small prey until they are ready to fend for themselves. It is a delicate phase for the fledglings, as they are vulnerable to predators and other threats.

In conclusion, my encounter with the Northern Cardinal Fledgling was a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us, even in our own backyards. It was a rare opportunity to capture the fleeting beauty of a young bird on camera, and I’m grateful for the chance to witness it. If you’re a wildlife photographer or nature enthusiast, consider observing Northern Cardinal Fledglings in their natural habitat, as it is an experience you will never forget. Don’t miss the chance to explore related posts such as “Northern Cardinal On A Foggy Morning” and “Male Northern Cardinal“.