I’m surprised to find this Green June Bug on the 26th of March here in Arkansas. I didn’t think they showed up until June. I read that this insect overwinters as mature larva in the soil. They feed and finish maturing in the spring and pupate in a cell in the soil. A few beetles may emerge in late May or early June, but most do not emerge until mid-June.

The Temp yesterday did get up to 91 °F which I believe broke a record.

Green June Bug In March
Green June Bug In March

I thought this could be a Japanese Beetle because it has some copper on its wing. After comparing the two from photos on the internet, I still believe this is a June Bug. Japanese Beetles also emerge in June. What do you think?

How I Got The Shot – June Bug

I photographed this insect while hand holding a Fujifilm X100T camera.

Here are a few more insects I photographed: