Great Blue Heron Reflection In Water

By | December 29, 2019

I photographed this Great Blue Heron while at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. This bird was in the Horton Slough. Horton Slough is at the bridge before you begin the wildlife tour road. The Heron was on the northwest side of the bridge. I don’t usually photograph in this area because people like to fish here but this time no one was around. When I first entered the Refuge before sunrise a guy was throwing a net and catching shad off of the bridge.

I made two trips on the wildlife tour road and wasn’t seeing anything I wanted to photograph. I was glad I came to this spot.

Great Blue Heron With Reflection
Great Blue Heron With Reflection

How I Got The Shot – Great Blue Heron Reflection

In general the Great Blue Herons in this area will let you get close because they’re accustomed to people fishing. This slough has lots of shad for them to eat.

I was able to park and open the door to my pickup to get this photo. I still used a bean bag draped over the open window. I started shooting with the door closed and when I saw that I wasn’t disturbing the bird I opened my door. Opening the door let me get about a foot closer.

I was using a Canon EOS 7D Mark II with a EF500mm f/4L IS USM lens.

Lots of people were at the Refuge before sunrise which surprised me because it was the day after Christmas. I found out later that most of the traffic was from Duck Hunters scouting for ducks getting ready for a youth hunt.

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Here is a large old Raccoon I came across after photographing this Great Blue Heron: Large Raccoon On Tree

Author: Steve Creek

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