While enjoying the natural beauty around my cabin in the Ouachita National Forest of Arkansas, I was delighted to come across a tiny Dwarf American Toad. As an avid nature photographer, I always keep my camera close by to capture special moments like this one.

Dwarf American Toad

Dwarf American Toad

Crouching low to the ground, I quickly grabbed my Fujifilm X-T3 camera, equipped with a Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L lens and Fringer adapter. With the toad just inches away, I adjusted my settings to f/8 aperture, 1/1600 shutter speed, and 800 ISO. At 400mm focal length, I was able to fill the frame with this little amphibian.

After capturing a few shots, I took some time to observe and appreciate this special encounter. Dwarf American Toads are tiny – about a third the size of their American Toad cousins, averaging only 2 inches long. Their call is also distinct, with a slightly higher pitch trill.

As a threatened species facing habitat loss and disease, seeing this Dwarf American Toad up close was an important reminder to protect at-risk amphibians. I feel grateful to have this cabin overlooking the forest, where I can quietly observe wildlife and hopefully capture meaningful images to share with others. Moments like this remind me of nature’s grandeur and the need to preserve vulnerable species.

American Toad call – Arkansas