Today (January 21, 2024) is National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

As a nature enthusiast with a soft spot for these bushy-tailed bandits, I couldn’t let this day pass without sharing some appreciation for the furry acrobatics and endless entertainment these critters bring to our lives.

Now, Arkansas boasts two main squirrel superstars: the Eastern Gray Squirrel and the Fox Squirrel. Both are delightful in their own right, but they’ve got distinct personalities that keep things interesting.

Shy Eastern Gray Squirrel

Shy Eastern Gray Squirrel (Large Image)

The Gray Squirrelly Masterminds:

Think of these sleek gray fellas as the ninjas of the squirrel world. They’re stealthy, agile, and masters of navigating the urban jungle. I’ve spent countless hours observing them darting through treetops, their bushy tails flashing like furry flags as they launch themselves from branch to branch with acrobatic grace. Watching them outsmart bird feeders and bury acorns with ninja-like precision is a constant source of amusement.

Fox Squirrel With Nuts

Fox Squirrel With Nuts (Large Image)

The Bold and Brassy Fox Squirrels:

These rusty-red charmers are the extroverts of the squirrel kingdom. They’re bolder, braver, and often strut around like they own the place. I’ve had some hilarious encounters with these cheeky fellows, from them brazenly snatching nuts right out of my hand to stopping traffic with their impromptu tail-chasing games across the road. Their audacious personalities and fiery fur make them an unforgettable sight in the Arkansas landscape.

Squirrel Appreciation Beyond the Backyard:

Appreciating these furry friends goes beyond just watching their antics. Squirrels play a vital role in our ecosystem. They disperse seeds, helping to regenerate forests, and their constant snacking keeps insect populations in check. They’re also a food source for hawks, owls, and other predators, making them an important link in the food chain.

So, how can you celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day?

  • Leave out some nuts and seeds in your backyard. A little snack offering goes a long way in winning over your local squirrel neighbors.
  • Build a squirrel feeder. There are plenty of DIY designs online, or you can pick up a store-bought one. Watching squirrels navigate a feeder is endless entertainment!
  • Learn more about these fascinating creatures. Read books, watch documentaries, or visit a wildlife rehabilitation center. You’ll be amazed at what you discover about their intelligence, communication skills, and complex social lives.

Remember, even the smallest creatures deserve our appreciation. So this Squirrel Appreciation Day, take a moment to admire the playful antics of these furry forest friends. You might just be surprised at how much joy they bring to your day!

I hope this blog post has brought a smile to your face and a renewed appreciation for our furry Arkansas friends. Now, grab some nuts, head outside, and celebrate the wonder of squirrels!