Green Anole Climbing On Leaves

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Green Anoles, also known as American chameleons, are fascinating lizards that are known for their climbing abilities. They are native to the southeastern United States and can often be found in gardens and parks, where they can be seen scurrying up trees and bushes in pursuit of their next meal.

Here is another Green Anole I photographed in a tree and it blends better with the leaves: Green Anole In A Tree

Green Anole Climbing On Leaves
Green Anole Climbing On Leaves

One of the most remarkable things about Green Anoles is their incredible grip. They have sharp claws that allow them to cling to surfaces with ease, making them excellent climbers. They are able to traverse the tiniest of twigs and leaves, and their tails provide additional stability as they move from one place to another.

The Green Anole’s agility is not limited to climbing. These lizards are also able to jump long distances, making them masters of the aerial realm as well. This ability to jump from one surface to another makes them difficult for predators to catch, and allows them to escape danger quickly.

In addition to their climbing and jumping skills, Green Anoles are also known for their color-changing ability. They are able to change their skin color from green to brown, which helps them to blend into their surroundings and avoid predators. This is an important adaptation for a species that [Read More…]

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Lizard Growing New Tail

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This Prairie Lizard looks like it is growing a new tail. If you look closely, you can see where the new section is. Everything about this Lizard seems different. It is a darker color. It looks to have dirt on the tip of its nose and mouth. It is larger than most in my area.

I see this Lizard often and had to move it once because it was in the grass I was mowing. It was easy to catch and didn’t struggle at all. It always has the dirt looking spot on its nose.

Prairie lizards are a species of lizards that are known for their ability to detach their tails as a defense mechanism. This is known as “autotomy.” The detached tail continues to wriggle, distracting predators and allowing the lizard to escape. The lizard then grows a new tail, a process called “tail regeneration.” Tail regeneration in prairie lizards typically occurs within a few weeks to a few months and the new tail is usually not as long or as strong as the original tail. This process is a natural survival mechanism and is common in many species of lizards.

Lizard Growing Tail
Lizard Growing Tail

I was hand-holding my camera and lens. The Lizard was on the steps going into my garden shed.


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