Texas Longhorn Canvas Print

Canvas Print Pricing

All of Steve’s wildlife and nature photographs found on this website, Facebook or Instagram are available for sale as canvas prints (please see canvas print pricing below).

8″ X 12″ frame depth: 1.5$52.13
12″ x 14″ frame depth: 1.5$65.98
12″ x 18″ frame depth: 1.5$77.69
16″ x 24″ frame depth: 1.5$110.71
20″ x 30″ frame depth: 1.5$145.85
24″ x 16″ frame depth: 1.5$110.71
24″ x 36″ frame depth: 1.5$183.13
30″ x 20″ frame depth: 1.5$145.85
40″ x 30″ frame depth: 1.5$270.46
54″ x 36″ frame depth: 1.5$517.54
60″ x 40″ frame depth: 1.5$560.14
Canvas Prints
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Our frames are hand-crafted from artisan-quality stretcher bars. Unlike the rough lumber frames used by some other companies, our stretcher bars are smooth, straight, and true.

We use the same stretcher bars as professional artists. They are crafted from precision-cut pine and then kiln-dried to help resist warping. More importantly, our craftspeople are trained to spot imperfections in the wood; if it’s not straight, we don’t use it.

Our frames are built with extensive bracing (both cross-bracing and corner-bracing) to ensure lifetime structural integrity, prevent bowing, and to keep the corners at rigid 90-degree angles.

Canvas specifications:

  • 22 MIL (thickness)
  • 400GSM (weight)
  • POLY-COTTON (material)


We print with commercial-grade ink meant for outdoor use because it stands up to moisture, resists fading, and lasts a very long time.