Blue Jay Fledglings Are Thriving Too

I’ve been sharing the successes of the Eastern Bluebird fledglings in my yard this spring, and they’re certainly doing fantastic. But I’d be remiss not to mention the Blue Jay youngsters who have also been thriving!

These little Blue Jays have become frequent visitors to the birdbath, diligently quenching their thirst. Today’s featured photo captures one such fledgling enjoying a refreshing drink.

Young Blue Jay Quenching Its Thirst
Young Blue Jay Quenching Its Thirst

It’s fascinating to witness this stage in their development. Once they fledge and venture out more independently, around three weeks old, Blue Jay chicks begin to drink water on their own. This newfound skill is crucial for their survival.

But how do they learn this vital behavior? It turns out they’re excellent observers! Young Blue Jays watch adult members of their flock and mimic their actions when it comes to finding and utilizing water sources.

So, while the Eastern Bluebirds have been a joy to watch, the Blue Jay fledglings are proving to be just as interesting. Their journey to independence, including mastering the art of self-hydration, is a testament to the remarkable learning abilities of these intelligent birds.