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American White Pelican Landing In Suds

I photographed this American White Pelican coming in for a splash landing at the Robert S. Kerr Lock and Dam in Oklahoma. You will notice suds in the water. This was up close to the Dam where the water’s released causing the suds. The water being released also causes the shad action which draws the birds to this… Read More »

Double-crested Cormorant With A Shad

This is another Double-crested Cormorant with a Shad I photographed while at Robert S. Kerr Reservoir (Kerr Dam) near Sallisaw, Oklahoma. It is getting the fish in position to swallow before the Gulls flying above it steal it. This all happens within seconds. Here is the other photo I posted: Double-crested Cormorant Swallowing Shad How I Got The… Read More »

Great Blue Heron With Minnow

I photographed this Great Blue Heron with a minnow at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. Duck hunting has ended at this refuge so hopefully the Great Blue Herons will be easier to photograph. They are difficult to approach during hunting season. There are a few areas in the refuge that they don’t allow duck hunting and… Read More »

White-crowned Sparrow In My Yard

I have a bird feeder in my yard which is here in Arkansas. This White-crowned Sparrow came to feed on a cold February day. I don’t see these birds very often at my feeder so it was great to get a photo of one. How I Got The Shot – White-crowned Sparrow In My Yard I was sitting… Read More »

Two Gulls One Winner

The Bonaparte’s Gull and the Ring-billed Gull were both diving for a shad in the river. The smaller Bonaparte’s Gull got to it first. This was at Robert S. Kerr Reservoir (Kerr Dam) near Sallisaw, Oklahoma. How I Got The Shot – Two Gulls One Winner I was sitting near the edge of the water with my tripod… Read More »