0 thoughts on “White-faced or Glossy Ibis

  1. Maria Rosa

    I’m with Kerri that these are an AMAZING set of photos. Love the coloring and feather patterns. Beautiful bird so well captured.

  2. Barbara

    Hmmm – beautiful shots – in my book (The Sibley Guide to Birds) it says the White-faced has brighter red legs, bray bill and white border around reddish face and a red iris… the glossy has a brownish bill and pale lines on a dark face with a darker blue green gloss on the back feathers and a dark iris – so while the white lines aren’t apparent I agree that this is a white-faced ibis… and what amazing, photographs.

  3. Linda Rockwell

    A fabulous set of photos! I think White-faced as well based on the field marks. Also, it’s the one you’re much more likely to see in your area. Gorgeous bird! :)

  4. Judi

    Every posting displays how much your talent is expanding every day, can hardly wait for the next day. Everyone is right, these are amazing! Especially like #2 with it’s different angle and lighting, #5 with water in it’s bill, #6 love the 5 droplets of water, and the last one with the tiny fish, he just looks so pleased with himself. Way to go Steve!

  5. Robert Brem

    BEAUTIFUL SHOTS!!!! My vote is for “Hungry Ibis” !!

  6. Wren

    I can only echo what’s already been said. They are indeed great photos, and I am convinced that the ibis is white-faced. Also convinced I’d never have gotten to that ID on my own.