1. The quiet one on the left of course!! She’s just following biblical guidelines from Ephesians 5:22 and submitting to her man as he calls the shots. What??? Birds don’t marry?? Oh well, gals, I tried to help us:-)

  2. Woo Hoo! Aren’t you Mr. Funny guy today?
    Great Photo tho. But hey Steve. Stick to photography!
    Comedy just doesn’t fit you! lol…..

  3. Hey Darlene, Steve’s got a great sence of humor, his captions make me LOL all the time, it’s just more subtle. He’s a pretty gutsy guy today putting himself out there with this one. Actually girls, I think the female is on the right giving it to him for not coming home last night and the barn swallows from the 12th are her friends, yelling ” YOU GO GIRL!” The male on the left has already tuned her out and and is in lala land!

  4. I figure she’s got her mouth open waiting for the gift of food he’s sure to be giving her since it’s courting season – I love all the comments – you sure did get a lot today Steve… great capture!