A Turtle Coming Out Of Hibernation

Turtle Coming Out Of Hibernation

My first thought when I saw this turtle digging out of the ground was that it’s to bad that the first thing it sees is a human.

A Turtle Coming Out Of Hibernation

A Turtle Digging Out From The Leaves And Dirt

Turtles hide and hibernate. Those that live in water hide away beneath the ice of lakes, ponds and streams; those that live on land burrow under leaf litter and soil below the frost line.

0 thoughts on “Turtle Coming Out Of Hibernation

  1. judi king

    Great camo for the turtle, did you hear him first or see him? He looks a little surprised yet relived it was a friendly human!

  2. Scott

    What a cool thing to find in the leaves. I love these prehistoric creatures. Snapping turtles and Painted Turtles are known to live here in Saskatchewan, but I’ve never seen one here,
    That’s some kind of spring weather you’re getting!